Money Back Guarantee!

Purchase my book; Simple, Inexpensive, and Painless Weight Loss and use it. If you don’t experience weight loss after 60 days I will buy it back from you.
Refund Requirements:
To receive a full refund of the book purchase price only (excluding shipping) you must:

1)Provide a copy of the original receipt or invoice.
2)Submit a completed 60 day Food and Activity Tracker of what you ate and the activities you did as per illustrated in the book.
3)Provide photo or video evidence of at least one weigh-in per week during the 60 days.
4) Show evidence you put forth an honest effort to follow the information in the book.
5)Refund request must be submitted in writing to within ninety (90) days from date of purchase.
All criteria above must be met to receive your refund.
I am not asking you to do anything I didn’t do to lose weight and keep it off. I want you to be a success story!

"I wanted to shoot over a quick e-mail to let you know that I followed your book's advice throughout November, over 4 weeks, and lost 8 pounds! I find your advice to make the most sense and be the most reasonable of "programs or diets" that I've tried." -- Lauren

"11 pounds gone today when I got on the scales!!! Wooohoo!! I'm so pumped!! My 15 year old daughter is eating how I'm eating and she has lost 3 lbs this week!!!" -- Mary


"I just finished reading your book and I thoroughly checked out your website. I love that your book truly lives up to its name! People spend so much money on fad diets and gym memberships to lose weight but this is an easy effective plan that anyone can use!" -- Cindy


Simple, Inexpensive, and Painless Weight Loss; I Did It and You Can Do It!

The truth about weight loss.

You can lose weight and more importantly, keep it off by eating simple-to-prepare foods, doing activities you enjoy, and you can save money while doing it!

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